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For Immediate release: August 26, 2017

PSE Blower Service is having an inventory reduction sale on all remanufactured superchargers listed below with no core deposit or required or return. Quantities are subject to stock on hand.

These superchargers are genuine PSE fully remanufactured superchargers. Not cheap partial rebuilds that you find anywhere. These are the best replacement you can buy. PSE has supplied the original equipment dealerships with our replacements since 2002. and choose no other remanufactured superchargers for its customers other than PSE Blower Service Inc. Call Now to Check Our Inventory @ 405-844-2776


General Motors 1996-2004 only $400. This covers Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile 3800 V6 original equipment superchargers for the following year models: 1996-2004. All superchargers will be priced at only $400 with no exchange or return core required. Take advantage of a huge savings as the supercharger is normally priced at $650 exchange.

Mercedes-Benz 1998-2000 SLK 230, 1999-2001 C230 includes clutch assembly.

$850 with no core exchange or return core required. Normally priced at $1100.00

Part numbers 111 090 0380, 111 090 0080. C-230 2.3 Engine.

Mercedes-Benz 2003 C-230 2&4 Door car. 2004 C-230 4 Door, 2005 C-230 All.

MBZ M45-B, $725 with no core exchange or charge required. Normally priced at $800.00

Part numbers 271 090 2180, 271 090 2780 or 271 090 2080, Eaton 307961. 1.8 or 2.3 Engine.

Mazda Millennia Supercharger, $1200. 1994–2002 2.3 Miller cycle engine. This supercharger has been re-engineered to the highest of quality and uses a new updated oil seal system that has been implemented in 1998. Over 700 of these Mazda superchargers have been remanufactured here at PSE and sold to customers in dealerships throughout the world with no failures of any kind. Customers typically experienced a morning oil burning and smoking problem after 60,000 miles. $1200 each with no exchange or core charge required. Normally priced at $1850.

Now it's a great opportunity to get your Mazda Millennia supercharger replaced with a hassle free purchase.


The Best Replacement You Can Buy!

PSE Blower Service is the highest quality supercharger remanufacture in the world.

We know our customers choose PSE for its reputation of quality and complete remanufacturing, fast shipping and our excellent customer service.

For over 19 years our primary focus is to be the # 1 customer rated remanufacture.

We continue to receive orders every day from customers who have purchased a competitors supercharger and it has failed. They were baited in by many things. Free shipping, free gaskets, cheap prices and no core charge. When we receive these superchargers, a core inspection is performed. We find the original bearings are still in the supercharger and only minimal cleaning, a homemade green plastic coupler and truck gearbox oil had been added. Their website has words like, Trust, Family and member of BBB. As you look closer, there is no address posted. These companies are called “Spray and Pray”.

PSE remanufactures the whole supercharger, not just the nose drive. We replace all of your bearing and seals, including those in the rotor pack. The rotor pack is the heart of your supercharger and very difficult to remanufacture and properly “time” the rotors.

Did you know that most all competitors DO NOT perform this repair due to the complexity ?

These features are available in every PSE remanufactured supercharger.

Choosing PSE assures you a complete and thorough remanufacture. PSE only uses premium grade bearings and seals, Eaton factory moly couplers and the by-pass valve plate is new and up-graded to prevent loss of boost. All superchargers are rigorously inspected, tested and beautifully painted. PSE has never had a supercharger fail due to quality or workmanship.

Check out the products tab to help locate your supercharger and give us a call to place your order.

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  • All Original units for GM cars come with a 3 Year Warranty in writing.
  • Highest Quality Remanufacturing
  • New Supercharger Kits Available
  • Immediate Turnaround on all Units
  • Racing Blower Setup Specialists
  • Custom Fabrication of Specialty Parts
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • FREE Ground shipping within Oklahoma