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PSE Blower Service is a high quality supercharger remanufacture located in Edmond Oklahoma. We know our customers choose PSE for its reputation of quality remanufacturing, fast shipping and our excellent customer service. For over 17 years our primary focus is to be the # 1 customer rated remanufacture.
PSE remanufactures the whole supercharger, not just the nose drive. We replace all of your bearing and seals, including those in the rotor pack. The rotor pack is the heart of your supercharger and very difficult to remanufacture and properly “time” the rotors. These features are available with our fully remanufactured supercharger. Not all competitors perform this repair due to the complexity. PSE now offers a new low cost alternative rebuilt supercharger featuring the same care and quality as our fully remanufactured supercharger but at a budget minded price.

Choosing PSE assures you a complete and thorough remanufacture. PSE only uses premium grade bearings and seals, factory style moly couplers and the by-pass valve plate is new and up-graded to prevent loss of boost. All superchargers are rigorously inspected, tested, beautifully painted. PSE has never had a supercharger fail due to quality or workmanship.

PSE has many Superchargers on the shelf ready for immediate shipment. PSE is also the only "Successful" remanufacture of the Mazda/IHI Supercharger, which comes with 1 year unlimited mileage warranty!

Check out the links across the top of this page to learn more about PSE Blower Service, it products, and company. PSE Blower Service understands that for many this is the first time ordering a supercharger and we will help guide you through the ordering process. Check out the products tab to help locate your supercharger and give us a call to place your order.

PSE also remanufactures Pontiac Supercharger, Ford Supercharger, Buick Supercharger, GM 3800 Supercharger, Jackson Racing Supercharger, MagnaCharger Supercharger, Allen Superchargers TRD Supercharger, Mazda Supercharger, Nissan Supercharger, Jaguar Supercharger, Mercedes Benz Supercharger, BMW Mini Cooper Supercharger, and B&M Superchargers

PSE Blower Service made a huge leap forward through the power of the Internet, and opened its first web site "PSE Blower Service" in January 2000.
The response was remarkable. We received numerous calls from around the country related to Supercharger repair. And now PSE Blower Service is known in the industry to provide the highest quality supercharger remanufacturing for roots and Twin-Screw designs. In late 2006,

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  • All Original units for GM cars come with a 3 Year Warranty in writing.
  • Highest Quality Remanufacturing
  • New Supercharger Kits Available
  • Immediate Turnaround on all Units
  • Racing Blower Setup Specialists
  • Custom Fabrication of Specialty Parts
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • FREE Ground shipping within Oklahoma