We have found many different types of odd, homemade type couplers in the core superchargers that get exchanged through PSE Blower Service, and all of these couplers fail. Many customers don’t understand why they can’t just replace the coupler to suppress the noise and keep going. The reason why is that the coupler does not wear out on its own. You see through time that the nose bearings start to wear at approx. 70-100k miles (sometimes even sooner if lubrication has been compromised due to leaks). The bearing material called “chrome” starts to come off the surface of the bearings and then contaminates the lubricating oil. These small, abrasive metal particles work their way between the drive pins and the coupler and wear the moly coupler holes making them larger causing a loose condition which is heard as a rattling noise. The oiling system in your Original supercharger is called an “oil bath”. That means that all the parts inside the nose drive assembly use the same oil, including the bearings behind the two gears. That’s right, there is two more bearings in the same oil bath behind the two drive gears that you can’t see. Because of the bearings already breaking down, and because of the abrasive material lodged in the bearings and still present in those hidden areas, replacing the coupler is simply a temporary reduction of noise, and not a fix at all. The supercharger will again start to make noise in a very short period of time. This is why we don’t like to send out a nose drive assembly when the car has more then 50K miles because most of the time all of these bearings need to be replaced. Replacing these bearings requires a lot of work and machinery and is best left up to the remanufacturer.


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