PSE Blower Service has taken on many racecar projects and takes great pride in the high quality work that PSE and Ed Martinez perform. Ed Martinez has 25 years experience building and working on tube chassis racecars. SCCA Trans-Ams, GT-1s, GT-2s, FPs and ITS. Ed Martinez is highly known for his strengths in racing brake set ups, safety systems design, high torque / horsepower - extreme duty - durable racing engines, chassis components fabrication and set-up and most of all, Fuel Injection / Supercharger set-up and fine tuning.

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1996 Cobra
Mustang “K” Member

2001 Bullitt

2003 Yukon XL

475 HP 362ci

1993 SCCA GT-1 Vette

1995 Cobra "R" 5.8

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